Gift of Sight

For the past 10 years, Dr Johann Krüger of the Tygervalley Eye & Laser Centre , offers his services free to perform Cataract Operations to those who need it most, but are unable to  afford it, as part of the October Eye Care Awareness Week;’/

Some of these patients have been on waiting lists for cataract surgery at state hospitals for years. The Khangella Eye Theatre at The Tygervalley Eye & Laser Centre offers its theatre facilities free of charge and several pharmaceutical companies make this possible by donating intraocular lenses, eye drop medication and other materials used during the procedure.

During July, the Eye Laser Clinic also joins the Madiba Day campaign to aid those in their nearby area, with better sight at absolutely no cost.

Dr. Johann Krüger practices as an Ophthalmologist, specialising in refractive eye surgery. He has decades of experience in the eye care profession and has pioneered many complex surgeries which have helped to bring an improved vision to those who previously suffered without any viable solution.

Recently, Dr Krüger assisted Marinda de Vos to regain her sight after Proliferate Diabetic Retinopathy caused instant loss of sight in both eyes.  Dr Krüger performed surgery on both eyes, even though he knew that Marinda had no medical aid and limited resources to pay for the very costly procedures.   Not only did he restore Marinda’s sight, but also her faith.  Dr Krüger gave Marinda the one thing she needed most. Hope.

After the operations on Marinda, Dr Krüger, ever the humanitarian, realised he wanted to perform more free operations on people with Retinal Diseases.  Together with Marinda, they formed a trust called Gift of Sight.

The objective is to raise funds in order to Give the Gift of Sight to even more people than the couple of hundred Dr Krüger operated on over the last decade.